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Each Lenten season, we call

Prairie Climate Stewardship Network invites communities and people of faith to participate in a carbon fast during the Lenten season.

We are encouraging communities and people of faith to reflect upon the choices we make in energy use and to engage in basic energy saving practices. Through reflection and action, we may realize how dependent we have become on some choices we make that are ultimately wasteful and damaging to creation.

A carbon fast is particularly relevant to people of faith, for whom stewardship of creation is a responsibility. A reduction in energy use through efficiency and energy savings directly results in the immediate reduction of heat-trapping carbon dioxide emissions that are responsible for global climate change which will most adversely impact the poorest of the poor.

Fasting and abstinence have often been associated with Lent as a means to open our hearts and lives to what matters most.

We do not fast just to suffer, nor do we reject the good things God has given. We fast from what is not absolutely essential in the moment so that we can recognize what is truly necessary in our lives.

Let this Lenten season be a time of true metanoi; a conversion of heart.

Lent calls us back to redirecting our lives as disciples of Christ. Every day following Lent matters as we carry through and realize the renewal of our hearts by our daily actions and choices.

Why our daily choices in energy use and energy savings matter.

Average emissions of carbon per
US: 19.8 tons India: 1.2 tons Bangladesh: 0.3 tons


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